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 Key Services: marketing research, competitive intelligence, customer loyalty, focus groups, customer satisfaction, product development, business planning, survey research

The American Research Professionals are a full service market research group based in Omaha, Nebraska











Is it time for some fresh thinking?

Are you getting the right results from your marketing activity? If the answer is 'no' - you're not alone. It's amazing how many companies aren't getting good value.

We focus on your Research Needs. You never stop asking questions about your business and now you have someone who will work with you to find those answers. Together, we will help grow your business.

Our secret is in understanding our customers and giving them the personalized attention they deserve. What do your customers really want? What are your customers buying habits? How satisfied are they, more importantly, how loyal are they? On what do they base their decisions? Know these answers and things start to fall into place.

As a cutting edge market research company, we offer a full range of services that you would expect, including: survey construction and analysis, marketing research, customer loyalty, focus group moderation, customer satisfaction, data mining and business planning. The important difference is  Our personalized attention gets you the actionable research results to grow your business.

Find out more about the American Research Professionals and what we can do for you contact us at 402.672.1057 or email us at for an initial informal discussion or more information.

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